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waterproof phone case devided

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Professional Waterproof: Professional waterproof phone case can be divided into two types:

A: In the process and materials are waterproof to the highest level requirements, such as outdoor drift for more than water, the material to 500D-1000D folder or TPU composite network-based, high-frequency voltage technology with hot melt, so that two (Inflatable with the life buoy can be used), and then the bag is transparent and smooth transparent 15CM transparent material to strengthen, outside the triple off, within the triple off, this approach was able to truly waterproof.

B: diving level waterproof: there is a waterproof phone or camera used in the market, waterproof 10 meters below the waterproof phone pouch clip can reach the water level of 10 meters underwater 20 meters depth.

2 refers to the ski gloves with waterproof inside the top, generally with TPU or hipora waterproof cases’ breathable material to do.

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